Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Skate Park Project Outline Sample

Want to get a skate project started in your community and don't know what to do?  These guidelines may help out.  This is a project plan that I development my self for our own project.  Feel free to copy and paste!


1.    Find a location
    a.    Determine feasible/safe location
    b.    If excavation/site preparation needed, estimate extra costs
    c.    If Borough/government owned, can we build it there?
    d.    If not Borough/government owned, can it be zoned to build it there?
    e.    County approval if needed?

2.    Design the park
    a.    Decide on skate park vendor and plan
        i.    Evaluate companies to see how they work, if the provide a consultant, warranty their equipment, etc.
        ii.    Get kid’s input on desired features
        iii.    Determine if an existing plan fits the space available and meets desired features
        iv.    Select the vendor.  Consider the following:
            1.    Quality of construction
            2.    Reputation
            3.    Warranty
        v.    Customize plan if necessary
    b.    Plan ancillary features (other than the skate surface/fencing/equipment)
        i.    Landscaping
        ii.    Benches for sitting
        iii.    Walkways
        iv.    Roof?  Consider the following:
            1.    Would be nice to make an all weather park
            2.    It would prolong the life of the park and equipment as well
            3.    It would require extra fund raising, need to estimate and consider
    c.    Consider Income generation to help with skate park/Recreation committee improvements (deciding this ahead of time may change design requirements)
        i.    Pay to use park (membership)?  Consider the following:
            1.    Would generate money
            2.    May discourage many from using the park and go back to skating on the streets
            3.    Would require personnel to man the park,  reducing income
            4.    Would increase liability by having the park manned and monitored
        ii.    Generate income from events such as competitions several times a year?  Consider the following:
            1.    Could generate anywhere from $30 to $60 per skater per competition, could have 3 or 4 throughout the year
            2.    Would encourage positive sporting aspect of skate boarding
            3.    May have to make the park size a little larger for this
        iii.    Summer skate camp
            1.    Could generate $200+ per skater per week/$100+ for a half day per skater per week (imagine doing this all summer long)
            2.    Would be a great chance for little ones to learn the sport
            3.    Would be a great chance for older ones to get involved and teach to younger ones and also give them something productive to do during the summer
            4.    Would require lots of planning
            5.    Probably would require at least some part of the park to be under a roof for inclement weather
            6.    Most likely would generate the most income other than charging kids admission
        iv.    Offer classes on weekends/some evenings
            1.    Local skate shops would most like be able to provide or recommend older adult skaters as teachers
            2.    Yet another source of income
    d.    Come up with a name for the park
    e.    Establish park rules and regulations
    f.    Final Estimate cost of development and set fund raising target

3.    Present Proposal
    a.    Gather community/local business signatures to endorse the park
    b.    Organize community support to be present at presentation to Borough Counsel and/or County
    c.    Draft the proposal
    d.    Draft the presentation
    e.    Meet with Borough/Government Counsel and/or County to present the plan
    f.    Get final approval from Borough/Government Counsel and/or County

4.    Raise funds to build the park
    a.    Establish a non-profit organization
        i.    File appropriate application with State and Federal government
        ii.    Establish a bank account
        iii.    Establish a web site
            1.    Who will host?
            2.    Who will develop?  Added cost or find local web designer to volunteer services?
            3.    Show planned location
            4.    Have ability to donate on-line via credit card
    b.    Corporate sponsorship
        i.    Get addresses for names of skate related companies
        ii.    Draft a form contribution letter and flyer stating our cause
        iii.    Approve form letter
        iv.    Send to corporations
        v.    Follow-up calls/letters
    c.    Residential/Local Business sponsorship
        i.    Determine best ways to raise funds
            1.    Door to Door?
            2.    Advertise web site in newspapers, etc.?
            3.    Direct phone calls?
            4.    Direct marketing-post cards/selling scratch cards, etc?

5.    Park Construction -- Phases can begin once the required fund raising dollar level is reached. 
    a.    Phase I
        i.    Site work excavation
        ii.    Retaining walls (if necessary)
        iii.    Pad construction
        iv.    Re-seeding disturbed grassy areas
    b.    Phase II
        i.    Gates/Fencing
        ii.    Ramps and equipment
    c.    Phase III
        i.    Ancillary features (walkways, benches, etc)

6.    Future Considerations
    a.    Storage area for storing unused ramps and equipment (may want to add and change ramps to keep the park interesting)?
    b.    Continue Skate Park Committee to plan competitions/events?

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