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Manufacturing Design Standards & Recommendations for Public Skate Parks

A skate park shall not be placed in low lying areas (flood plains). Consult your local city engineering dept. for soil conditions for pad/concrete pour details. No expansion joints should be larger than 1/4” wide, then caulked with expansion joint sealer. Recommended slope on concrete pad is .5 % maximum with a smooth trowel finish.

A proper skating “flow pattern” shall be outlined throughout the skate park using arrows of flow on 2D design layout.

All skate park obstacles shall be fully sided with a min. 14 ga. galvanized sheet steel to avoid hiding places and homeless shelters.

All obstacles are to be anchored to the pad at all times to insure no movement of the obstacle; this lowers liability.

42” safety rails are required on three sides of all obstacles 3’ and higher as long as they do not interfere with the use of the obstacle.

Absolutely no screws shall be allowed anywhere on the skating surfaces. Wood obstacles may swell & screw heads may snap off injuring riders.

Properly designed structural under-framing (minimum of TS 2”x 2”) shall be used for proper weight structure of kids upon the decks of the obstacles.

Obstacle levelers shall be adjusted prior to use to ensure smooth transitions to the concrete.

Copings are not to be set too high (3/8" maximum); proper attention must be given to this for it will help avoid hand-ups.

All copings and grinding rails to be composed of capped stainless steel seamless pipe.

Obstacles are to have no sharp corners. This will help avoid injuries to riders on and around the equipment.

Panels are to line up within an obstacle to insure proper installation of the equipment.

Light paint colors are to be used on the skating surfaces. This will eliminate any heat concerns on steel obstacles.

Ensure that there will be no puckering across the seams of the obstacle. This can happen with some bolt through designs.

The thickness of product used - steel, plastic or wood - shall be able to accommodate the gouging of bike cranks and trick pegs.

Proper signage displaying rules, the phone number and address of nearest medical facility should be posted in case of an emergency.

Safety equipment/pads should be worn at all times at all skate parks to help avoid serious injury.

For safety reasons, keep an area open around all double and walk-in gates on fenced skate parks.

All obstacles in every skate park shall be set back at least 4’ from the perimeter of the pad.

A scheduled police patrol should be practiced at every skate park on a regular basis. Contact your local police department.

Approximately 200-250 square feet per skater is recommended within all skate parks to provide adequate room for all skaters.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on skate parks. Skate parks provide use for in-line skaters, BMX bikers and skate boarders.

Every skate park should offer both ramp and street skating obstacles as well as obstacles of different heights for all skating abilities in mind.

All skate parks should have obstacles of different heights for all skating abilities in mind.

KNOW YOUR ABILITY -- No steps or ladders should be allowed on taller obstacles in an open park facility. If a skater can’t skate to a platform, they should not skate that obstacle until they are more advanced.

Spectators, family & friends should stay a minimum of 25’ away from park to avoid being struck by boards unless park is fenced.

Skate park must have proper maintenance on a routine schedule by the city (checking anchor bolts and keeping painted when applicable).

Engineering Specifications: Steel Strength: 
Load Calculation: Joist: 46 ksi
Live Load: 60 psf Angles: 36 ksi
Wind Load Min: 7.2 psf - 70 mph Pipes: 35 ksi
Dynamic Load: 75 psf 
Seismic Load Limit: Zone 3 
Sliding Resistance: 38.4 lbs. / sf of ramp surface 

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